Human Rights Campaigner

Jai Sharma, Human Rights Campaigner

Sail to Freedom

Oh Man listen.
I sought your love.
A partnership with you.
You consented for the relationship.

I gave you my heart.
Submitted my body to you.
Even bore your children.

You betrayed me.
You abused me.
Your words of love were lies.

Learn to behave like a man.
A being of love and compassion.
Subdue the beast in you.

Tears always moisten my eyes.
I forgot how to smile.
You mock cries of my heart.
The chance I took wrecked my life.

You are not for me.
I am not for you.
Our boats sail in different directions.
Millions of men.
Countless opportunities
Now I sail to the Island of Freedom.

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she was trapped
he did not love her
he was a player
just wanted fun
liked different tastes.

she struggled
his spell was a web

sleep deserted her
neither coffee
nor booze helped.

she sighed
attachment is dangerous
must try to hate him.

Say Goodbye to Abusive partners

I was sitting in a restaurant last week and a couple with a child was sitting very near me. Suddenly I heard,” I kick women’s faces and take their money. I was shocked and turned my face, the man in thirties was talking on phone.

Only the child was with him, I waited to see, if his partner was coming back. I was saddened, when I saw a lovely lady with such innocence.  I had to restrain myself from  saying anything.

Should your partner’s behaviour
either violent
Or result in emotional pain

plead, try really try
should result negative
end the relationship

people rarely change
process would
give some stress
save you from years of misery.

lovely lady
stay positive,

millions of men
countless opportunities
self-confidence is
Key for happiness.

The Trio

women should be respected
remarked the dreamer
the trio laughed

One gulped beer
Only for sex
only for cooking
remarked the second
whisky drinker muttered
only for paying bills,

guys you forget
you came through a woman
asserted the dreamer.

3 or 0

Adam and Eve unite
she has currency of love
he has commitment for care
they get bonus of happiness

her currency is 
wet with tears
his blackened by cruelty

negative energies combine
result is o
they exist
devoid of happiness

From my book, Lady Embrace Happiness, E book , Amazon. Cover pain of women, healing and inspiring women.

Betrayal of Mother

everyone was stunned
posh area of Mumbai,

she either lost patience
or was confused,

police found her letter
only after tragedy,

her body was near her husband’s
both had jumped from 20th floor,

tears were in eyes of policeman
the words caused intense pain

“our children were harassing us.”
From my collection of poems, this book would be published on 19 November through Amazon. This deal with pain of women, healing and for inspiring them.

Peace formula

you, want peace
know the truth
you are a traveller
life is short.

stand on rock of detachment,
those who love
may not always love you
influenced by varying thoughts,

detachment is the insurance
situations will always change

after night is day
seasons also change
even your body is changing.

live in present moment
embrace happiness.

Jai Sharma is founder of International Association of Human Rights, which was incorporated in England on 23rd May 2013.

He is also Chairman of the World Commission of Human Rights , a commission of Supreme Court judges of a number of countries including: India, Slovenia, Bosnia and Malawi.

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