Woman Is queen of home and her state of mind has big impact on children. If your partner does not respect you and you are in abusive relationship. You should repeatedly   tell your partner that he is indirectly damaging children.

Christina was bright and suddenly her performance deteriorated in school.  One day she cried in school and told teacher that she could not bear pain of her mother. Her dad was interested in another woman and had started a psychological war against her mother.

Woman is A Mighty Force

Oh Woman be strong, know yourself.
You brought life through your womb.
You are partner of Creator.

You have power to produce milk,
You are a power, a force.

Your thoughts design your life.
You can be a tigress or a lamb.

Jai Sharma is founder of International Association of Human Rights, which was incorporated in England on 23rd May 2013.

He is also Chairman of the World Commission of Human Rights , a commission of Supreme Court judges of a number of countries including: India, Slovenia, Bosnia and Malawi.

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